Personyze is probablly the ultimate online website traffic segmentation SaaS solution. With its advanced traffic segmentation builder tool, you can create any segment that you can think of, using the most popular metrics available, gathered from the visitors header information. Using online website traffic segmentation tools, you can create what called, group of identities, so same visitors with same metrics values, will be grouped under a specific segment, which will identify them now and in the future, when they come back (returning visitors). The main purpose of online website traffic segmentation is to help website owners know what is going on their website, how to optimize their website in terms of web design, content and personalized it for every group of visitors. Of course testing and optimization need to be made to check how each change affect specific group. Online website traffic segmentation is on of the most important innovation in modern web analytics SaaS solutions, and today we have it in real-time web analytics SaaS solutions, what makes it even more effective for online businessmen, that need the insight right now, to optimize online website traffic in real-time and react immediately to prevent high bouncerates, low conversions and decrease of sales and even bugs and bad website design. Checkout Personyze to find out all about online website traffic segmentation with the "Profiler" tool.



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