What if I told you that their is an amazing affiliate marketing tool that really works, you would probably think that I am just advertising a product. But honest, I am not. I have been trying tons of affiliate marketing tools that promise to increase conversion by hundreds percents, in fact, they are all rubbish. Well, maybe not rubbish, but far away from proving the results that are written black on white on their websites. Affiliate marketing tools are good as long as the marketers knows how to use them properly and take advantage of their features. If you don't know how to use the software properly and know what are your goals, you won't get the results that you wished for.

A few months ago I have signed up for Personyze behavioral targeting and site personalization tool. I first thought that Personyze is just another web analytiics software that promises miracles. In fact, it took me a few days to think about it before I've signed up. After I did sign up, I took some time to understand Personyze features. This is a behavioral targeting and site personalization Software-as-a-service that really does an amazing job in giving you the tools for segmenting your traffic and personalizing it for your visitors.

At first glance, you might ask yourself why do you need a site personalization and behavioral targeting platform anyways. If you are an advanced affiliate marketer, you will probably know that the most important thing that you need to do in order to maximize your website/blog conversion rates is put relevant ads to your visitors. E-commerce websites has been maximizing their revenue using on-site Personalization. In fact, Amazon and eBay have been taking advantage of this method for a very long time. They target their visitor with content that is dynamically created on the server side. They analyze their visitor's behavior and put product suggestions on their website product areas and promotion ads on various portions on their websites.

As a website or blog owner, you can take the same approach by using behavioral targeting Software-as-a-Service solutions. Personyze is exactly the SaaS platform that you need. Personyze includes state-of-the-art segmentation tools and behavioral targeting tool, supplied with excellent custom reports engine that will help you get all the information that you need. The second phase after creating a segment is to create specific actions that includes the affiliate links or affiliate banners that you want to present to those unique group of visitors.

I will give you an example. If you have a blog about computer hardware. You can advertise many types of affiliate programs. In my blog, I segmented the traffic based on the organic keywords. It means that I have put different affiliate program ads for people that came from organic keywords like "mouse", "graphic cards", "monitor" ,etc. Each segment (organic keyword's combination) has gotten its own affiliate program add on a popup DIV or in a specific container on the right sidebar on my blog. That means that visitors that came from keywords that contain the word "monitor" will see a different affiliate program ad than those who came from an organic keyword "mouse". It is just an example, but you get the point I guess.

Site Personalization is the the next generation web analytics tools. until know, we had the option to use Google Analytics and other real-time web analytic tools just to have the website traffic data available for us for analysis. For me, it wasn't enough. I wanted the ability to engage my visitors. I wanted to show them different content. I wanted to maximize ROI and Conversion rates. I have found out that although it takes some time to learn how to use them, the profit worth every second that I've spend on learning it. For the long run, you will get better results.

Personyze Optimizer is another excellent tool for affiliate marketers. It gives you the ability to test specific actions for a group of visitors, and check out which action leads to more goals. The problem is that you can't check which visitor has finished a lead on the 3rd party website. Some of those e-commerce websites have APIs that programmers can take advantage of and combine it with a tool that they develop for their own website. But you have to be a programmer to do so. Personyze is somewhere between those to. Although it doesn't offer a straight forwards integration with 3rd party affiliate program advertisers, it does give you the ability to improve On-site leads conversions.

Personally I think that personyze is one of the most interesting tools out there for affiliate marketers. They have a free affiliate marketing webinar on Thursdays. This webinar will give you the first steps in understanding the advantages of Personyze for affiliate programs and allows you to jump right in using Personyze behavioral targeting platform. You can check out their website at PERSONYZE.com for more information.

That's it guys. I highly recommend that you try out Personyze. you can choose to try the Free-Trial offer and see if it fits your needs. I have been using this platform for about 5 months now and I really like the results so far. They have a very in-depth guide that will help you know the system very quick. It took me about five days to learn the whole system. Oh, maybe it took me about a week to get to know the Custom reports section in-depth.

Their are many affiliate marketers that already consume much of the available organic traffic. now its time to monetize the traffic even more. In some niches, the only thing that can help you out squeeze that extra money is by employing behavioral targeting methods. Enough talking, checkout Personyze and you will thank me later.

Oh, I almost forgot. Personyze has their own affiliate program. so if you have a web analytics blog or a blog on how to increase your website conversion rates, make sure to checkout Personyze affiliate program.



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