Why everybody is talking about website's content personalization? - What makes personalization so important for websites that everyone is searching for the next big thing in Web analytics software? -- The answer can be quiet simple, Because it is proven to work and to enlarge websites profits by a large margin and that's why websites owners utilize these kind of web analytics & personalization tools as their online business strategy for better conversion rates and better success as an online company.

Almost every company I know, want to have an online website and sell their product and services online. It seems easy right, just pay for a web design company to build your website and that's it? - but NO, it is not easy at all. There are so many variables that you need to take into consideration before you even start to build your website, and think about what comes after.

So for the first part, we know that you will find a good web design company to build the website for you, but for the second part, you need to make hard decisions and to know all the available web analytical tools before making a decision. So which web analytics to choose? -- Certainly the one which offer behavioral targeting tools and content personalization features. Does this kind of software are expensive? - Depends. Omniture, Webtrends and Coremetrics are the most expensive ones, ClickTale, BTBuckets and Personyze are the best and among the cheapest ones. As far as I concern, I will get Personyze real-time web analytics and personalization tools any day. Ask everyone that has tried Personyze and you will see, or hear, only great success stories.

The best thing about Personyze real-time website analytics is that Personyze was build from ground up to be the best personalization tool ever. The one that will challenge every other web analytics vendor with personalization tools in it. It is the most flexible one and can be further extended via API. You can even control your Google Adwords advertiser account easily with Personyze, like a plug and ply thing, you know. Everything was built in to allow all the analytical functionality, right within the application itself,m without the need to edit website page ("codeless", but you just need to put the Javascript tracker code, that's the only thing that you'll ever needed to do). Sound simple, yep it is! -- I recommend visiting personyze.com website to get info for everyone who is interested in the best web analytics platform there are today. See ya' soon ,and you will thanks me for that recommendation.



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