I have a question regarding integration between a 3rd party software and facebook itself. I have developed a web analytics software in real time. My SaaS web analytics have advanced features like: segmentation, actions, advanced custom reports and so on. What I want to work next, is a facebook analytics feature. I have seen that Webtrends and Omniture, both have a facebook analytics solution. I don't know how they have done that, because I have no clue on where you can put a tracking image or Javascript code to track visitors on my facebook pages.

I am asking you that as a developer, so you can technically explain everything in details. I want to know in what public pages other people were viewing. I also want to know information about my facebook application usage. I know that there is a solution for that, after all, webtrends and omniture have that.

The problem is that I am working on some great new additions for my web analytics software right now. I need an answer quick. If you have any information on how webtrends or omniture were able to implement their own code into facebook pages and application, I will glad to get some more information about that to.

I know that you can make some portions (pages/functionality) of facebook public, and you don't. I haven't touch facebook for almost a year now, and I will be glad to hear if something was changes since than. I even don't know how to contact the CTO of Facebook. I saw its name on LinkedIn, but no contact information available no where. Anyway, I hope that you can help me out on this.



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admin avatar I am searching for someone who can help me out, finding a solution for a problem I am experiencing with facebook. Well, I am a software developer. I have developed my own real-time web analytics software, that I intend to market next month (beta version). Still, I think that there is one feature that I want to add before the release, and it is facebook analytics. Both Webtrends and Omniture have done an amazing job in delivering top-notch facebook analytics product to the premium market. My web analytics software is much cheaper than omniture/webtrends/coremetrics. I want to offer a great facebook web analytics solution to small companies and private site owners and web application developers. After spending 2 years on my product, I think now it's a good time to market it. The market needs a brand new affordable real-time actionable web analytics software. I have seen some nice ideas when I was developing my solution, but nothing that really brings added value over Google Analytics. And that's the reason why I am very excited before the release of the new software. If you are a developer, who had a chance to use facebook APIs, or you might have any idea how to put a tracking code inside facebook, I would appreciate it very much. There are several solution that can be implemented: Javascript code or Image pixel. I have personally heard that many solution utilizes a one pixel image, in order to track visitors. The image is actually a page that grabs the referrer header information, and use it for the website statistics.
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