Google plus is Google's new social network that suppose to be Google's answer to Facebook. The new social network also referred to as The Google+ Project is currently open for invitation only. Even so, if you wanted to sign up and join the new service, just visit the official website and click the "Keep Me Posted" to get the chance to get an invitation.

So what's new in this new social network? - well, it's all about Web 3.0 applicative features. In it's most basic form Google plus features four key elements: Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and Instant Uploads. Let's talk about each feature and see what so special about it.

The first features is called "Circles". Circles is actually a virtual representation of Circular social groups like we have in real life. In Google Plus you can create social groups and give them a name. You can assign various friends/profiles to each Circle by dragging and dropping the profile onto the circular pattern. You can assign friends to one or more Circles. You can name the Circle like: family, friends, coworkers, neighbors ,etc. I'm sure that Google+ will take advantage of this new basic social structure in many of the internal applications. Furthermore, if Google Plus will have an API (I'm sure it will) we can build applications that will take advantage of this social grouping application.

The second feature is called Hangouts. Hangouts is actually a multi-chat video application where two or more people can chat with each other face-to-face. That will enhance the social interaction online. It is a very welcomed features and I am sure that many Skye user will ditch the software in favor of this new SaaS solution. Although I don't have an invitation, I assume that you can create a chat that only allows certain people from a particular circle on Google+ to join the chat.

The thirds feature is called Sparks. Sparks is actually a place where you can tell Google Plus social network what interests you (choose subjects) and Google plus will give you something interesting to read or watch that is related to the topic you've selected. This is another useful features for people who want Google+ to do the searching work for them and find them interesting information regarding topics of interests.

The forth feature is called Instant Uploads where you can upload photos and videos and share them with others. You can decide to make those photos or videos private or share them publicly with everyone or just with a specific "Circle" (group).

There is also a Google plus android app that's already exists on the Android Market and ready to be downloaded free. Even so, you need to consider the fact that you need to get an invitation in Order to log in and use it. It won't work with just entering your Google account information. At least from what I've read on Android Central.

This is the basic features on Google Plus. I'm sure that Google is working very hard to bring new features and offer them to the public as soon as possible.



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